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Ikeduru Hospital, Owerri-Okigwe Road, Iho, Ikeduru, Imo State, Nigeria. Tel:+234 (703) 4670640; +234 (814) 4102784; +234 (706) 4471111
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A vision for Africa - Humble beginnings:

This enterprise is a visionary project of IHC (International Healthcare Consulting) in the US. The Board consists of Prominent Medical Professionals and business folks dedicated in the development of high quality healthcare facilities.

In 2016, a new door opened up in Imo State, Nigeria where the Local Government had built a number of hospitals. Three of these hospital buildings were offered as lease to International Healthcare Consulting (IHC) to develop medical services in Imo state.

IHC is expected to equip and man the hospitals and develop critical essential medical services in the state. To carry out this work, a locally registered entity has been formed as Imo International Health Systems (IIHS). While establishing basic medical serivces it became apparent that Nigeria had been left behind in a very imortant aspect of healthcare - Cancer.

A mission opens up:

Long story short - the American Cancer hospital today is open 24 hours with all the essential services for medical care with special focus on Cancer. The hospital was officially inaugurated on 20th Mrach 2019. It has all the facilities to treat all kinds of cancers.

A very important hallmark of all the work done in the US has been the pursuit of Quality. A lot of work went into bringing the place to life by clearing the premises to building the walls to equipping the hospital with furniture and sophisticated diagnostic imaging and laboratory services.

Next came the recruitment of specialized overseas and local staff. Consultants in various specialities from overseas have been recruited to provide the best of services and train local doctors and nurses in the latest techniques of cancer treatment.

Unfortunately, currently Nigeria does not have a single cancer hospital where patients can get all essential services under one roof. Numerous medical facilties across the country offer a few services but unfortunately there is not a single hospital across Nigeria where most essential Cancer treatment services are provided under one roof. 

Cancer statistics in Nigeria - WHO

According to WHO in 2018, about 70,000 people died because of cancer in Nigeria, that is to say about 119 people die every single day in Nigeria duew to Cancer. Four out of 5 people diagnosed stand to die of cancer! These alarming incidence was the main reason, IHC directed it resources in tacking this deadly disease.


Total Population


No. of new cancer cases


No. of deaths


No. of prevalent cases


There is also yet no national cancer registry in Nigeria and so the few places that record cancer cases present a grim picture. Hence, the above numbers are grossly underestimated. The above statistics is from Globocan 2018.

Cancer is a peculiar disease in the sense that when a person has cancer, their entire body is affected. No two cancers are the same and so each individual has to be assessed separately and treatment options planned accordingly.

We are bringing to Nigeria, years of experience and expertise from the US. We have developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) in diagnosing and managing all our cancer cases.

Our vision is to establish one of the best cancer hospital not only in Nigeria but in Africa.

American Cancer Center in Imo State in Nigeria

Center of excellence for Cancer Care in Africa. Complete cancer treatment available in this center. American Cancer Teeatment and Research center is based in Imo state, in Nigeria, Africa.

Medical Disclaimer: The Contents of this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.


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