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Our Patients

These are a few short testimonies who were treated at the American Cancer Treatment & Research Center in Imo, Nigeria.

Their identities have not been revealed due to privacy issues.

Their smiles tell it all !!

I was privileged to be amongst the first patient to be treated for Breast cancer. When I initially found a lump in my breast which kept growing, I was very afraid and did not know what to do. I did not want to leave my husband and 3 precious children God had given me so early in life. One of my friends told me of this new hospital in Ikeduru where some American Doctors were treating cancer patients. I was initially very scared and did not want to go but my husband encouraged me a lot. I finally went and met with some of the doctors there. I was made to feel at home and they assured me that they would do their best in defeating this deadly disease.

I went through an exhastive detoxification process and then they gave me lots of supplements to boost my immunity. I was treated for almost a year and today I feel completely healed and happy. I visit my doctors regularly and they all are proud and happy to see me similing again.

I am from a neighbouring state in Nigeria. I was suffering from cervical cancer and the doctors who diagnosed me initially in my state painted a very bad picture and did not want to treat me as I was 80 years old.

Then one day I came to know about a hospital in Imo state which treated cancer patients, and I immedialtely rushed there only to find a group of wonderful doctors who assured me that I would live till 105! I was under their treatment for over a year and I go there regularly for a checkup. I feel I am totally cancer free and am very very happy that I doscovered this 'oasis in the desert'.

I thank God that He made it possible for this wonderful facility to be available in Nigeria. I constantly tell my friends and have referred a number of them to this hospital. They are all happy to have received excellent patient care.

I am 85 years old now. About a year ago I was brought into this hospital unconscious on a stretcher. I had an infected cathter and had been suffering from prostate cancer for the last 5 years. All the doctors I had gone to told me that I had end stage cancer and that there was very little they could do to help me.

The doctors in this hospital were very kind to me. They assured me that I would walk again. My wife and relatives did not believe them but I did. Yes today I am walking and do not need a stick.

I am an Eze from a nearby village. I have told my community about this wonderful place and many have come for treatment here. My daughter was a great support for me during my illness and encouraged me a lot. I am grateful to be alive today and look forward to seeing many of my granchildren in the future. God bless this facility and prosper it in a great way.

When I arrived at this hospital, I was in a wheelchair. I had one of my breasts, the size of a big watermelon. I believed foolishly in traditional medicine and the cancer kept growing over the years. It reached a point where my whole dress used to be covered in blood everyday.

My cancer had even spread to my brain and I felt at times that my head would explode. I became very weak and was very depressed. I had just given birth to a baby boy and I was heartbroken in thinking that I might leave him so early on in his life.

Long story short - the miracle happened when I came to this hospital. The doctors were very compassionate and operated on me immediately and gave me lots of medicines. I am still taking a lot of supplements to boost my immunity. About three quaters of the way while they were treating me, I felt a gradual shift in my physical body and one day the pain in my head disappeared. 

Today I am cancer free. The most wonderful aspect of my experience was when the doctors in the hospital introduced me to Dr. Jesus and made me understand that it was only He who could heal. I understood for the first time in my life that God had a purpose for my life and that he would use me to magnify His name. I came from a traditional church and did not take God seriously. This experience has drawn me very close to Dr. Jesus and I am thrilled to be alive. I am so happy to give this testimony and hope many more people will receive this healing.

Cured Patient

I want to just say a big thank you for making this Cancer Hospital. I am truly amazed at the quality of service which I received from all the Oncologists. The Doctors in this hospital treated me to the best of their ability and I am so happy such a facility is there in Nigeria. I feel much better than when I first arrived and am confident I will completely defeat this deadly enemy very soon.

Understanding the 5 year survival rate:

What is a cancer survival rate?

Cancer survival rates tell you the percentage of people who survive a certain type of cancer for a 5 year period.

Survival rates are usually given in percentages. For instance, the overall five-year survival rate for bladder cancer is 78 percent. That means that of 100 people treated for bladder cancer, 78 people have a chance of living through at least five years after diagnosis. Conversely, 22 out of every 100 do not make it through the five years.

So how do you ensure that you are amongst the 78 people? That is where one needs to be on the alert and not take things for granted. Going for regular checkups, eating healthy and treating food as a medicine is key to building a strong immunity. Avoiding sugary food and including PLENTY of fiber is the secret to having a healthy diet. Vitamins and essential micro nutrients play a vital role in keeping a person healthy. See some of our important supplements - Magnessium Nascent Iodine, MSM-Elexir

Remission: If you're in partial remission, it may mean you can take a break from treatment as long as the cancer doesn't begin to grow again. Complete remission means that tests, physical exams, and scans show that all signs of your cancer are gone. 

Recurrence: When cancer returns after a period of remission, it's considered a recurrence. When your toxic load increases and your immunity goes down to a critical level, new cancer cells can emerge and proliferate. Hence it is very important not to be caught off-guard but to be vigilant and take good care of your body at all times.

These are a few short testimonies who were treated at the American Cancer Treatment & Research Center in Imo, Nigeria.
Their identities have not been revealed due to privacy issues.

Medical Disclaimer: The Contents of this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.


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