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The following positions are available at the American Cancer Treatment & Research Center.

If you are interested in this position please contact us with your resume.


  1. Gynecologic oncologist: A doctor who specializes in cancers of the female sex (reproductive) organs.
  2. Hematologist: A doctor who specializes in blood disorders (also called blood dyscrasias), including cancers of the blood and blood-forming tissues.
  3. Medical oncologist: A doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating cancer with chemotherapy and other drugs. A medical oncologist is different from a surgical oncologist, who mostly treats cancer with surgery.
  4. Neonatologist: A doctor who specializes in the care of newborn babies (until about 6 weeks of age, but often longer for babies who were born prematurely).
  5. Nephrologist: A doctor who specializes in kidney (renal) diseases.
  6. Neurosurgeon: A doctor who specializes in operations involving the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, or nerves.
  7. Nurse anesthetist: A nurse with an advanced degree and training in giving drugs or other agents (like gasses) that cause a total loss of feeling or relieve pain, most often during surgery.
  8. Nutritionist: A title sometimes used interchangeably with dietitian, but educational requirements for nutritionists vary by state. See also dietitian.
  9. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon: A surgeon who specializes in surgery of the mouth, jaw, and face.
  10. Pathologist: A doctor who specializes in diagnosing and classifying diseases by lab tests and by looking at tissues and cells with a microscope. The pathologist determines whether a tumor is cancer, and, if it is cancer, the exact cell type (where it started) and grade (how fast it likely will grow).
  11. Pediatric oncologist: A doctor who specializes in caring for children and teens with cancer (sometimes up to age 21).
  12. Plastic or reconstructive surgeon: A surgeon who specializes in changing the way a body part looks or in rebuilding or replacing removed or injured body parts. In reconstruction (rebuilding body parts), the surgeon may use tissue from the patient or some special material with the right consistency to hold a shape or form over time. Also called a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.
  13. Pulmonologist: A doctor who has specialized experience and knowledge in the diagnosing and treating lung (pulmonary) conditions and diseases.
  14. Radiation oncologist: A doctor who specializes in using radiation to treat cancer.
  15. Radiation therapist: A person with special training to use the equipment that delivers radiation therapy. This expert often helps the patient get into the right position for treatment and then actually gives the treatment.
  16. Radiologist: A doctor with special training in diagnosing diseases by interpreting (reading) x-rays and other types of imaging studies that make pictures of the inside of the body.
  17. Urologist: A doctor who specializes in treating problems in the urinary tract in both men and women, and treating prostate and other genital organ problems in men.
The following positions are available at the American Cancer Treatment & Research Center.

If you are interested in this position please contact us with your resume.

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