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Integrative Therapy

The human population is now under a great threat due to dramatic modern life style changes. 

Diabetes, heart conditions and Cancer are the three most serious modern day plagues. Obesity has been on the rise all over the globe as people go after the heavily advertised sugary soft drinks and junk or so called fast food. Processed food and meat without plenty of fiber is destroying the much needed bacterial flora in the gut. Added to this is the cummulative effect of toxic load from the environment. 

There are various factors which cause cancer. As an example, due to ozone depletion, our planet is exposed to harmful cosmic rays. These rays penetrate the human body and cause damage to numerous DNA strands. These damages result in unrepairable DNA damage which can lead to cancerous growth of cells.

As we are bomarded by so many environmental insults on a daily basis, all of us have cancerous cells swimmimg around in our body. Any time you take an x-ray, there is a lot of damage to the DNA and many cells are permanently damaged. Although we have a wonderful DNA repair mechanism, constant insults on our DNA can result in cancerous cells being developed. Although our immune system and DNA repair mechanisms overcome these mutations. Repeated insults like ionizing radiation and constant exposure to toxins can precipitate in serious life threatening conditions including cancer.

A person has cancer when his or her immunity is no longer able to cope up with the toxic overload. We are living in a world of pollution whether it is the water we drink, the food we eat or even the air that we breathe. Over the years, our bodies accumalate a lot of toxic substances and they tend to be deposited all over the body.  

When a person gets cancer, their whole body is affected and even their personality changes. They very often quickly lose weight and are affected emotionally, physically and spiritually. Most Cancer hospitals do not take this seriously and treat the patient around the standard methods of Radiation, Surgery and Chemotherapy. However all these treatments are very agressive and eventually take a toll on the body. An added strain is financial as this can have devastating results on the entire family. Hence, Physicians treating cancer patients have to bear all these factors and see how best they can approach these problems in a very practical manner. Very often an integrative. 

Take as an example chemotherapy: The patient gets this massive dose of chemical toxins which has co-lateral damage. The cancer cells are killed and so too the normal cells. The body now has an overload of dead tissues and biproducts of the toxic chemotherapy. So too in Radiation Therapy - there is a lot of co-lateral damage which kills the cancer cells and also normal tissues before and after the tumor. All these dead cells and medications have to be removed and so there is an overload on the liver, kidney and lympahtic systems. This aspect is greatly neglected in many cancer hospitals and so the cancer patient is in a toxic soup and is therefore in a 'touch and go' situation. If this is not taken care of - the patient will not be able to bear the burden and goes 'under'.


Detoxify the Colon, Eliminating Parasites, and Cleansing the Blood

Detoxify the Liver, Kidneys, and Skin and Detoxing with “Defensive Eating”

Detoxify the Lungs and the Lymphatic System

Parasites in the human body

An important aspect of treatment of cancer patient is detoxification. We implement a 21 day protocol wherein the body is flushed off from all pathogens including hidden parasites, fungus and bad bacteria. We cleanse the liver, the lungs, the kidneys, the gallbaldder, the lymphatic system and the colon. We follow a modified version of Gerson therapy which flushes the liver and we introduce pro-biotics (good bacteria) into the colon. In addition, a program of rejuvenation which stimulates the immune system of the body is adminstered. As patients enter our program, these protocols are integrated into the treatment plan so as to enable the body to remove all the toxins, dead cells on one hand and also get an immune boost.

Whenever the body is subjected to severe stress like chemotherapy, radiation or even surgery, the body is desperate to remove all dying or dead tissues on one hand and on the other is trying to recover from all the side effects. Hence it is important to give the body a boost by helping various organs to get rid of all the excess toxic load and be rejuvenated as soon as possible.

The human body which is composed of body, soul and spirit - all three need detoxification. Stressful situations can plays havoc on the human mind which invariably affects the mind and the spirit. Hence it is important to detox in all these areas.

How we treat our cancer patients:

Cancer treatment is a double edge sword! It can kill cancer cells but it can also kill you ! An integrative approach gives the cancer patient the maximum benefit of sucessfully battling this dreadful enemy and benefit from many treatment options.

Did you know that Chemo therapy can cure cancer but also cause cancer? If a medical oncologist uses cheap chemo drugs this can result in new tumors being formed in addition to metastising the tumor. So too for radiation !! The choice of chemo drugs and the type of radiation are crucial not only for killing cancer cells but is of critical importance in the survival of the patient. Even Surgical Oncologists need to be very careful as biopsies and removing cancer tissues can help spread the cancer to other sites. Many centers now use intra-opeartive radiation including brachytherapy to contain and kill remaining cancer cells.

Not all cancer patients are the same as everyone presents a unique challenge. Having recoganized that the human body works as a whole, integrative therapy is what we incorprate into all our treatment protocols. The liver is a very important organ as it is a central processing unit for all metabolism and toxins. Taking care of this organ is crucial to the success of any cancer treatment. So is the gall-bladder and the kidneys and the lymphatic system and the colon.

Before, during and after treatment, our approach has been to detox and constantly rejuvenate the body. All the major organs are flushed and rejuvenated before the treatment and is constantly monitored throughout the treatment. Just as an example, one of the aspects of our treatment is physical therapy where the whole body is massaged with special medicated essential oils. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and absorbs essential oils vital for healing. This procedure carried out by trained massage therapists, focuses mainly on massaging or flushing the lymphatic system (the drainage system of the body) so all the waste products move and the lymphqtic system is not clogged. One of the main reasons for nausea in cancer patients is clogged lymphatic system. There are numerous protocols used in our treatment planning to detoxify the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, lungs and colon. The roles of nutritionists and counsellors are essential for these agressive treatments to be successful. Cancer treatments put the body in overdrive and as such most cancer patients feel out-of-sorts as their immunity is under severe attack. We have recognized that if we do not constantly detox and boost the immunity, most often our treatments are counter productive.

In most cancer hospitals, cancer treatment stops at Radiation, Chemotherapy or Surgery. As cancer is a multi-organ disease, there is a range of therapies which need to be considered in order for the person to go through the five-year survival period. Apart from the standard, chemo, radiation and surgery, cancer patients need some or all of the below mentioned treatments. Here is a brief introduction to this sort of therapy being practised at the American Cancer Treatment & Research Center in Imo State, Nigeria.

  1. Adjuvant or neo-adjuvant therapy
  2. Hormonal Therapy
  3. Immunotherapy
  4. Target therapy
  5. Dr. Gerson's - Coffe enema for detoxiying liver and colon
  6. Detox therapy targeting the gall bladder, kidneys, and lymphatic system.
  7. Detoxification using EDTA Chelation - to remove heavy metals
  8. Dr. Linus Pauling's - Mega dose IV Vitamin C & multivitamin Therapy
  9. Deep Infra red & Suana therapy
  10. Nutrition Therapy & Supplement Therapy
  11. Oxygen therapy
  12. Ozone therapy
  13. UV irradiated blood immunity booster.
  14. Pulsed Electric & Magnetic Therapy
  15. Physical & massage Therapy
  16. Pain Management Therapy
  17. Medications for Oral & personal hygiene.
  18. Medications for Managing Constipation and bowel flora.
  19. Music therapy
  20. Counselling & planning for the future.
  21. Spiritual Therapy

The practise of Integrative medicine is done by Physicians who see the person as a whole and the disease as a whole and monitor the patients as an individual and work with the patient to minimize the toxic side effects and maximize the treatment eficacy of various regimens. Differen cancers have o be approached differently. Many of the above mentioned protocols are yet to appear in standard medical text books. However evidence based scientifically accepted protocols should be baasis of treating many types of cancer. Integrative medicine has come a long way in Medical Science. Today Physicians all around the world are beginning to understand the need to integrate many aspects of medical care which were neglected before. 

Below are a small collection of various therapies as examples, which can be easily incorporated into treating cancer patients. There has to be an openess to benfitting cancer patients and one has to think 'outside the box' and integrate some of these into treating cancer patients. These videos can be expanded to full screen and viewed individually.

While treating cancer patients, we have to take all these into consideration and carefully plan treatment for each patient.

Music therapy:

Can music HEAL? Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals.

Music can be very uplifting and even bring out tears of joy or sadness. In our hospital, we use the PA and TV system to play soft uplifting music and provide wholesome 'mental and spiritual food' for our patients.

Music Therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. Through musical involvement in the therapeutic context, patients' abilities are strengthened and transferred to other areas of their lives. Music therapy also provides avenues for communication that can be helpful to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words. Research in music therapy supports its effectiveness in many areas such as: overall physical rehabilitation and facilitating movement, increasing people's motivation to become engaged in their treatment, providing emotional support for clients and their families, and providing an outlet for expression of feelings.

Music therapy is the practice of using music to address your physical and emotional needs in a therapeutic environment. It may be used to help alleviate emotional, physical and social stresses caused by cancer, or to boost your mood and help you through cancer treatment and recovery. Music therapy may include creating, singing, moving to or listening to music to:

  • Play an instrument
  • Sing a song
  • Participate in a group class where you may either listen to music or play along
  • Talk with a therapist about the feelings certain music evokes in you.

Spiritual Cleansing & healing

OMG (Oh My God) is often used colloquially by most individuals including aetheists, but calling on God is the last resort for persons particularly hit with cancer. We at American Cancer treatment Center place a high value on spiritual matters. It might be unfashionable and even 'unscientific' to believe in God who can heal. This wonderful complex human body is under the control of genes but who controls these genes. Is it on auto-pilot till the flames go out? It all depends what you chose to believe.

Many patients are striken by guilt and feel they are being punished for some of their past mistakes. This leads to severe depression and it can result in suicidal tendencies. Very often patients refuse medication or even food and descend down a slippery slope. Such patients need urgent therapeutic interventions. Unfortunately many rush into unfamilar areas and get trapped into receiving 'magic' medications and 'magic' healings from people who benefit from fleecing such individuals financially. 

We at American Cancer Center believe in God who heals. We as practicing physicians can treat cancer to the best of our ability, but ultimately all healing comes from God. Did you know that God actually visited this planet and lived among us. The very date we record everyday attests to the fact that he indeed visited this planet. His name is Dr. Jesus. Yes, Dr. Jesus healed a lot of people. He was no normal human being. His entry into this world was through a virgin birth. As such He did not carry adamic blood. How many people on this planet can claim this? He demostrated that he was special by what we call true 'miraculous' healing. As scientists in the medical profession, can we actually believe in para-normal or supernatural phenomena? That is what actually happens to our body every single second. We only understand a fraction of science whether it is billions of galaxies around us or the myriad of cells all of which work in total harmony. One can chose to leave God out but we encourage everyone who comes to us for treatment to take these matters seriously and as part of the therapy "look upto Him and Live".

The most important of Cancer treatment should be to focus on the immunity. Once the immunity goes down, the patient goes down. All treatments should be carefully tailored to making sure that the patient's immunity is boosted regularly.


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Medical Disclaimer: The Contents of this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

Medical Disclaimer: The Contents of this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.


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